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What is the purpose of XML Namespaces?

An XML Namespace is a collection of element types and attribute names. It consists of 2 parts
1) The first part is the URI used to identify the namespace
2) The second part is the element type or attribute name itself.
Together they form a unique name. The various purpose of XML Namespace are

1. Combine fragments from different documents without any naming conflicts. (See example below.)
2. Write reusable code modules that can be invoked for specific elements and attributes. Universally unique names guarantee that
such modules are invoked only for the correct elements and attributes.
3. Define elements and attributes that can be reused in other schemas or instance documents without fear of name collisions. For
example, you might use XHTML elements in a parts catalog to provide part descriptions. Or you might use the nil attribute
defined in XML Schemas to indicate a missing value.

<>DVS1< /Name >
< addr="">
<>Wilhelminenstr. 7< /addr:Street >
<>Darmstadt< /addr:City >
<>Hessen< /addr:State >
<>Germany< /addr:Country >
<>D-64285< /addr:PostalCode >
< /addr:Address >
< serv="">
<>OurWebServer< /serv:Name >
<>< /serv:Address >
< /serv:Server >
< /Department >

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Yes, so and are different elements.

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Explain what a DiffGram is, and a good use for one?

A DiffGram is an XML format that is used to identify current and original versions of data elements. When sending and retrieving a DataSet from an XML Web service, the DiffGram format is implicitly used.
The DataSet uses the DiffGram format to load and persist its contents, and to serialize its contents for transport across a network connection. When a DataSet is written as a DiffGram, it populates the DiffGram with all the necessary information to accurately recreate the contents, though not the schema, of the DataSet, including column values from both the Original and Current row versions, row error information, and row order.
DiffGram Format
The DiffGram format is divided into three sections: the current data, the original (or "before") data, and an errors section, as shown in the following example.


The DiffGram format consists of the following blocks of data:

The name of this element, DataInstance, is used for explanation purposes in this documentation. A DataInstance element represents a DataSet or a row of a DataTable. Instead of DataInstance, the element would contain the name of the DataSet or DataTable. This block of the DiffGram format contains the current data, whether it has been modified or not. An element, or row, that has been modified is identified with the diffgr:hasChanges annotation.

This block of the DiffGram format contains the original version of a row. Elements in this block are matched to elements in the DataInstance block using the diffgr:id annotation.

This block of the DiffGram format contains error information for a particular row in the DataInstance block. Elements in this block are matched to elements in the DataInstance block using the diffgr:id annotation.

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What are XML Doc comments (comments start with three slashes ///)?

The XML Doc comments are special kind of comments that can be recognized by Document utility to automatically generate the documentation of your methods, types and regions.

DTD – Document Type Definition

The purpose of a DTD is to define the legal building blocks of an XML document. It defines the document structure with a list of legal elements. A DTD can be declared inline in your XML document, or as an external reference.

Why use a DTD?

XML provides an application independent way of sharing data. With a DTD, independent groups of people can agree to use a common DTD for interchanging data. Your application can use a standard DTD to verify that data that you receive from the outside world is valid. You can also use a DTD to verify your own data.

Internal DTD

This is an XML document with a Document Type Definition: (Open it in IE5, and select view source)


Don't forget me this weekend!

The DTD is interpreted like this:
!ELEMENT note (in line 2) defines the element "note" as having four elements: "to,from,heading,body".
!ELEMENT to (in line 3) defines the "to" element to be of the type "CDATA".
!ELEMENT from (in line 4) defines the "from" element to be of the type "CDATA"
and so on.....

External DTD

This is the same XML document with an external DTD: (Open it in IE5, and select view source)

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This is a copy of the file "note.dtd" containing the Document Type Definition:

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