Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Briefly describe how to use the PrintDocument component to print a document. Discuss maintaining correct line spacing and multipage documents

The PrintDocument class exposes the Print method, which raises the PrintPage event. Code to render printed items to the printer should be placed in the PrintPage event handler. The PrintPage event handler provides the objects required to render to the printer in an instance of the PagePrintEventArgs class. Content is rendered to the printer using the Graphics object provided by PagePrintEventArgs. You can calculate correct line spacing by dividing the height of the MarginBounds property by the height of the font you are rendering. If your document has multiple pages, you must set the PagePrintEventArgs.HasMorePages property to true, which causes the PrintPage event to fire again. Because the PrintPage event handler retains no inherent memory of how many pages have been printed, you must incorporate all logic for printing multiple pages into your event handler.

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